Hertonäs Manor as a Museum for Professor Topelius 1925-1958

13.02.2022 hrs 14:32
From the 1920’s to the 1950’s Hertonäs Manor had a museum för the writer and professor Zachris Topelius (1818-1898). The first curator, Paul Nyberg, was the grandchild of the writer and created the exhibition in 1925 together with his relatives. Today we still have a few objects from this phase in the exhibition at the museum. Read more below!

In January 1924 the society Svenska Odlingens Vänner i Helsinge, who has managed Hertonäs Manor from 1919, took contact with Zachris Topelius’s relatives to create an exhibition about the famous writer. Topelius’s grandchild, Paul Nyberg, was new curator for the museum and together with Eva Topelius Acke he started to build the exhibition. The relatives gave their blessing and the society could apply for loans of objects related to Topelius from the National Museum of Finland. In May 1925 the loans were approved and Topelius’s study, bedroom and library could be built in the museum. Nyberg also wrote a brochure about the exhibition, Vägledning för besökande i Topeliusrummen (1926), and the museum was open to the public on Thursdays and Sundays from September 1925 onwards. During the first year circa 3 000 persons visited the museum. 

The main building of Hertonäs Manor was a museum over the writer Topelius from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. A library was set on the 1st floor of the exhibition. Photo: SOV.

The museum got attention in the press both in Finnish and in Swedish. Still some of the objects are present in the current exhibition, among others a bust and a suite of furniture. The present exhibition at Hertonäs Manor present the lives of the Cronstedt family (in the 2nd floor) and the Bergbom family (in the 1:st floor). It was built in the 1990’s.

The suite of furniture in the red room belonged to the family Topelus, and is still exhibited in the 1st floor of the museum. Photo: Sakari Kiuru, SOV.

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